Pennies for the Blind
Every Penny Makes a Difference

Our We Care Tree 2018

We put together a We Care tree in 2018 to promote Pennies for the Blind.  The tree sold for $1600!  None of the expenses were taken out of donations for the charity.  The tree's theme was "Cookin' for We Care."  We had many kitchen items donated along with money for decorations.  Country Choice, Choo Choo McGoos, Wadells, Howard Print Shop, Step and Stone and Davidson Excavating all made generous donations.

     Pennies for the Blind is a non-profit organization to help people who are blind or visually impaired.  This charity is in the process of starting.  I hope to have a fundraiser soon.  Please visit this site again.  Thank you!   ​

        You can now donate to Pennies for the Blind by shopping on Amazon Smile!  It is exactly like the regular Amazon (with your same account), only when you shop, 0.5% of the money from your eligible purchases is donated to Pennies for the Blind.  We started this program in 2018 and have received $180.56 so far!  Just use the button to shop, or go directly to, and make sure you have selected to support Pennies for the Blind.  Thank you for your support!